The Chronicles of Loth page 1-2 Chapter 1

Thursday, the 30th of April at 6:18 PM, 2009 in The Beginning
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The Chronicles of Loth page 1-2 Chapter 1

Author Notes:

mirlinthloth Tuesday, the 25th of August at 6:18 PM, 2009 edit delete
Beginning of the Manga, hope you all enjoy


bob Wednesday, the 23rd of June at 6:14 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
keII ya
Grim Tuesday, the 27th of July at 3:30 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
Kell ya indeed!
F Scheltens Monday, the 30th of August at 4:12 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
I only see a first and last button. There do not seem to be any next, previous buttons ? Please fix this.
Scott Friday, the 12th of November at 3:02 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
There is a FIRST and LAST button, but no NEXT nor PREVIOUS button, and the selection box has no GO button nor does it operate automatically when a choice is made.

This site is broken. You have lost me as a reader. Sorry. Please fix, for your sake and your readers' sake.
Melissa Sunday, the 16th of January at 12:47 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
The buttons are there! They're just not very clearly labeled, and that really aught to be fixed, for the people who can't figure out how to navigate. There are 4 buttons! A 'First' button, a 'Previous' arrow, a 'Next' arrow, and Last button. I would also suggest making the comic pictures themselves link to the next page, that's a really handy feature in a lot of comics.
Barigato Tuesday, the 1st of February at 7:01 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Haha. The problem is that some ppl have no patience. That's unfortunate for them, for they deny themselves pleasures they'd have enjoyed if they'd given it half a chance. That's the down side of negative emotions: when not controlled they often make one their own worst enemy.

I really like the motif of the stylized arrows; it's artistic and unique, yet adds to the air of an illuminated manuscript. The tech savvy figure it out in about ten seconds, but at first glance they do look like either decorations or just part of the First or Last links. Melissa's explanation no doubt helped some ppl.

My suggestion is, if there was a little space around the arrows, that would make it a lot more clear they are separate controls. ;)