The Chronicles of Loth page 4 chapter 3

Thursday, the 24th of December at 2:00 PM, 2009 in The Scales of Reflection
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The Chronicles of Loth page 4 chapter 3


crzymnky666 Thursday, the 29th of July at 4:09 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
i love the face she make in the second panel...thats just great!
11 Friday, the 20th of August at 11:00 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
Not to bash the story or anything...but shouldn't Loth, being a reptilian female, not have breasts, as reptiles do not suckle their young?
SotiCoto Thursday, the 3rd of April at 3:33 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
When you can point out a yellow, vaguely reptilian humanoid in the real world, perhaps then we can discuss which anatomical rules do or don't apply to them.
Until then it is likely best to assume that what you see is what is right.
Groovechampion-Slappy Wednesday, the 8th of September at 1:20 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
The artist noted that she is half dragon, half human. We should prolly just assume she is humanoid with similiar functions :).