Halloween Special

Saturday, the 31st of October at 1:00 AM, 2009 in Holiday Strips
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Halloween Special


goc Sunday, the 27th of June at 3:10 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
YAY! Dragon Half! :D Love that show <3
Barigato Tuesday, the 1st of February at 5:23 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
I'm a little surprised someone hasn't commented on this already. For a moment, I was trying to figure out what customized thing was she wearing. ;)

Anyway, I think "custom" should be "costume."
Guest Thursday, the 21st of July at 11:52 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
I thought Samus.
grtgfbll Friday, the 24th of August at 12:24 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
Smallest giant robot ever...
Aaror Friday, the 14th of December at 3:26 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
I once played Forgotten Realms Mechwarrior (using GURPS of course), and I was the Giant Mech the Brownie Race sent to help the other races. I was over 6 feet tall-huge! The other races didn't think I'd be much help, but I was pretty powerful for my size. When you are 6 inches, a battlesuit that is almost 7 feet tall is a giant robot warmachine, right?