The Chronicles of Loth page 9 chapter 2

Friday, the 2nd of October at 1:00 AM, 2009 in A Tale of Adventure
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The Chronicles of Loth page 9 chapter 2

Author Notes:

mirlinthloth Wednesday, the 7th of October at 5:54 AM, 2009 edit delete
Kinuko's abilities are far and wide the most diverse of the party. Her focusing of chi giving her many unique abilities. The most useful to the party at this moment is the ability to shatter metal.
EFlint Wednesday, the 7th of October at 1:51 PM, 2009 edit delete
And she's not on the other side of the room.


13Swords Friday, the 7th of October at 5:30 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
How does Loth react to finding out she didn't need to lose teeth? Let's find out.
Vladimir Zhivanevskaya Tuesday, the 19th of November at 2:06 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
It seems kind of pointless to shatter the chains in the middle when she was just going to destroy the clasps anyways...

However, the interesting fact that the bonds of slavery are used as a symbolic metaphor for--ah, who am I kidding, that monk character is all kinds of awesome :P
Tattorack Monday, the 3rd of February at 8:47 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
I am seriously wondering why the jails don't have stronger/resistant chains (or similar) in a world where anybody could have powers...
Tech Friday, the 7th of November at 2:37 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
These chains? they just didn't want to be here.