Destined Departure Pg10

Friday, the 20th of April at 12:00 AM, 2012 in A Destined Departure
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Destined Departure Pg10

Author Notes:

EFlint Friday, the 20th of April at 12:00 AM, 2012 edit delete
Oh man oh man oh man! I been trying to squeeze in(wink) a "girls in the hot spring" scene for a while now, it doesn't have all the girls but it's a start. I don't really remember much about this page, I've been in a mad dash to get everything ready for the anniversary next week, which includes the mega four page update (technically five pages since one of them is the Ch.9 splash page) and May’s donation wallpaper. May’s image is going to be Loth solo, but it’s much tamer compared to April’s; it might be Safe For Work, depending on how easy going your boss is. All I’ll say about it is Loth + Sundress…

Also We’re looking at redesigning the website, so if anybody has some suggestions, please post them here, in the forums, or email us. As always We do our best to please you, and We’re desperate for your approval.

...oh and 4/20 dude! hah hah...


Deo Friday, the 20th of April at 5:15 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
rin's a kid, right? shouldn't her head be somewhat smaller (panel 5)?

and about the suggestions.... i find the website, pretty cool, but it's my opinion.
comicHero Friday, the 20th of April at 9:59 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Oh Kinuko so adorable but I'm surprized that she is of high birth would explain why shes hangin with loth and the gang out side feeling a tad resoncible for them like an older sister but Rin is such and boossy thing i love her.

youknow whom i havent seen around here ina while mirlinthloth I kinda miss her comments and insight also I'm excited for anything you guys do and wooo aniversary page dump
EFlint Friday, the 20th of April at 11:15 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Yeah Kiunko is probably around 15 or 16 at this point and I think Rin-Lin is a few years younger than Kinuko, if Jason would make a wiki entire for her I'd link it. But my head sizes are affected by Comedic and Dramatic energies, but panel 5 does have its issues. And don’t worry we’ll catch up with Loth the week after we learn Kinuko’s fate in the anniversary.
J. E. Flint Saturday, the 21st of April at 8:45 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
J. E. Flint
If it's Wiki's you want! It is wiki's you shall have!

And comic hero, I retired the Mirlinthloth log in. Was trying to get out of the habit as commenting like that. I suppose if you want however I can occasionally jump on under her log in.

It came about because for a long time I used that log in as basically an internet persona. I'm trying to untangle it from everything and leave it only for this comic.