Destined Departure Pg1

Friday, the 17th of February at 1:00 AM, 2012 in A Destined Departure
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Destined Departure Pg1

Author Notes:

EFlint Friday, the 17th of February at 1:00 AM, 2012 edit delete
So here is the deal, long ago we asked you the fans which character should get a side story all to themselves, and you voted Kinuko! Originally we were only going to include this in the printed edition of the first volume, but it doesn’t look like We're going to have book 1 out for a bit. A few weeks ago I mention that for the Anniversary we’d do something special, the plan was to post this story, but the timing and number of pages works out that this side story will take us right into our Anniversary. Sooo now for your reading pleasure, We present Kinuko’s story, A Destined Departure.


Aussie.Bob Thursday, the 23rd of February at 9:45 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
I love your comic. Going to read it more than once for sure. Keep up the grate work. I really enjoy the balance of characters you have here.