The Chronicles of Loth page 28 chapter 8

Friday, the 16th of December at 12:00 AM, 2011 in A Tale of Desdian
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The Chronicles of Loth page 28 chapter 8

Author Notes:

EFlint Friday, the 16th of December at 1:00 AM, 2011 edit delete
Uh oh, have Loth and Sev's big secret been exposed? Is that even their biggest secret? What does this mean for our intrepid main characters? Will the readers put up with a couple pages of exposition? I don't really care either way cus I'ma go play Skyrim.


Charvale Friday, the 16th of December at 2:13 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Okay, first off he cannot be that dense. Loth has shown not only the natural draconic horns, tail, feet, and ears, but has displayed her ability to breathe fire more than once and has shown above normal strength on several occasions.
If that doesn't smack for being dragon-born then I don't know what does. It's like seeing his ears and automatically assume that he's a Human. No wonder Sev had the look on her face of "You mean, he didn't notice?"
Phelun Friday, the 16th of December at 5:41 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
so the fire breath didnt tip anyone off huh?

also is treori(cerene) or terori(ralidant)?
dothackerraven Friday, the 16th of December at 6:27 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
busting this pages comment cherry. just started reading tonight. woot new fav series
ComicHero Friday, the 16th of December at 8:40 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Ha glad to see you got you priorties straight EFlint my man

but as to the denseness of Rall well a high mage has just stated he was her boy toy so yeah maybe he's used to seeing lizardmen spit out fire he probly mis took it for magic
EFlint Friday, the 16th of December at 10:25 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Treori fixed, sigh, it's hard when neither you or spell check catches your made up words. And I'm pretty sure we'll address Ral's obliviousness in the next coming pages, I think.
Deo Friday, the 16th of December at 12:00 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
i think he wasn't expecting a revelation so huge(after all Loth had already lied to him ) (and he saw the fangs... and the tail... and the fire breath)
groovechampion Friday, the 16th of December at 2:23 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
Heh, Ral isn't the brightest flame, is he? :D

While it appears to be a plothole, I will assume that the Treori tribes are simply a legend to many since it sounds like they seldom leave their borders.

Although, the lizard-bloodline appear to be more of a frequent sighting and I guess they have similarities with the Treori -- but the flamebreath should have been obvious enough.

Then again, Ral could also not know that "Flamebreath -> obvious Dragongirl is obvious".

But let's not forget, Cade was getting behind the secrets of Loth with his little pokey-pokey stick until Loth broke it.
ComicHero Friday, the 16th of December at 8:30 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
YOu know EFlint I'm curious was and is Skyrim worth the 60$ price tag or should i wait til it drops in price
mirlinthloth Saturday, the 17th of December at 12:24 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Allow me to answer that.

It's a Bethesda game. If you like the fact that the game is pretty much just a loose bunch of quests outside of the main quests (Main Story, Guild Missions) and that you can play for hours and hours and hours and still not see everything, then this game is for you.

If you haven't the attention span of say a tree then you're probably going to like it for awhile and then put it down. I'll be honest I've not finished Oblivion or Morrowind, but I've beaten Fallout 3.

The Bethesda RPG's are ALMOST perfect in my mind... now that said I'm going back to Star Wars The Old Republic.
EFlint Saturday, the 17th of December at 12:44 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
About Skyrim. If you haven't played any of the other Elder Scrolls, Skyrim is a great jumping on point. The character system is simplified but still diverse enough you can play the game any way you want (Unless you want to talk and negotiate though problems, everything comes down to you killing something). The world is large and the graphics great, as I said in last weeks(?) post I spend a lot of my time just looking at the buildings and ruins and trees and mountains, if you're a fan of The Lord of the Rings it's very easy to play this as LotR sim. I can't speak for story since I just kinda jump past most dialogue and run around dungeons, but it’s probably intriguing. The thing I like most about Skyrim is also the thing I hate most, it’s so, so, sooooo very close to playing D&D, but it’s just not there. So if you need a sand-box fantasy game and can’t get a DM and some friends to hang out for a couple of hours, play Skyrim, but I would throw it out the window in a second flat if someone asked me to play D&D (and if I had paid for the game). In my own personal opinion I don't think most games are worth $60, but I played Oblivion for like 2 years and it was one of the games I bought with my XBox.
groovechampion Saturday, the 17th of December at 3:50 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
Well, since we are a bit off topic, how's the PVP in SWTOR (if it had already happen)?

I have the feeling it will be the usual imbalanced crap - especially for a game just born into the MMORPG world. :D
Straythorne Saturday, the 17th of December at 11:16 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
So I just started reading this comic before Thanksgiving, and it's now one of my favorite comics! Rall's denseness was always a curiosity to me.... I wondered if he realized Loths origins and just took it in a relaxed way, like "eh, as long as she's my ally, I'm good right?", OR if he actually didn't realize.... and now that wonderment is answered! XD

And EFlint, I play D&D! Though 4th edition is not the best... I first started in 3.5 edition. My friends ask me "why don't you get an xbox?!" and I have to say "because I play D&D on the weekends, and that's my whole Sunday." :) D&D ftw.
mirlinthloth Sunday, the 18th of December at 9:08 AM, 2011 edit delete reply

To be honest I have no clue. I didn't like PVP back when I started playing Ultima Online, didn't like it anymore in EQ 1 & 2, never tried it in CoH/CoV, only did it by accident in WoW when I strayed into an opposite side village and got flagged by the guards, I'll probably try PvP once in Star Wars but it's never been my thing.

The idea that I have to compete with others just annoys me to no end. Because you always get those kids who have nothing to do with their lives but do one thing in the game. Grinding to get the best gear so they can rub it in your face how awesome their character is.

I'd much rather take my time to enjoy my game and the experience of said game. Heck I spent 90% of my time in EQ 1 and 2 as a cleric wandering the lands offering heals in exchange to see areas I couldn't normally see on my own.
groovechampion Wednesday, the 21st of December at 4:05 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
I understand. : )

Agreed, the grinding-best-gear thing did get out of hand thanks to WoW and other old timers.

Although I must say, that there was a time where the older MMORPG "Dark Age of Camelot" was more about class and skill than just facemelting.

This did get out of hand with a specific addon and I'm sure WoW was inspired somewhat by that feature.

However, that DAOC game had something else that was great, and that was Realmpride. There were three Realms that PvP'ed each other. It was great.

Anyhow, TMI up there.

But there is nothing wrong with PVE and Living the RP-character.
Actually, I also got caught in doing that, but that happened to be a Mithra from FFXI.

Roleplaying an annoyingly-nervous catgirl (you know the ones I spam in my gallery ;D) really was fun; much to the annoyance of any other player.
Nameless Thursday, the 22nd of December at 2:39 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Ral is slow on the uptake
Guest Tuesday, the 15th of May at 2:06 AM, 2012 edit delete reply

Hmmmm... Okay!
Zenanii Monday, the 6th of August at 4:19 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Remove a "p" and it becomes ent-raper x3