The Chronicles of Loth page 13 chapter 1

Friday, the 10th of July at 6:27 PM, 2009 in The Beginning
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The Chronicles of Loth page 13 chapter 1

Author Notes:

mirlinthloth Sunday, the 13th of September at 4:10 AM, 2009 edit delete
The artist and I went over this for some time trying to figure out the exact image we wanted for this cleric's holy symbol. We ultimately decided upon a cross design to reflect they were monotheistic and we did the sweeping points to give a nod to the cove that Biedeb is upon.


Tundra Gevin Monday, the 18th of October at 12:07 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
That symbol on the clerics clothes remind me of Quake....
Vladimir Zhivanevskaya Wednesday, the 25th of September at 1:48 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
I have to applaud your MC. Taking the enemies weapons to use against them? FINALLY! I cry when I see an MC holding fighting with the equivalent of half a wooden sword when there are plenty of weapons just littering the ground upon which they walk.
Also...2009? Sweet, I love it when I find a good comic with a large archive :) Thank you author person(s)!