The Chronicles of Loth page 10 chapter 6

Thursday, the 2nd of December at 6:00 PM, 2010 in A Tale of Regimes
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The Chronicles of Loth page 10 chapter 6

Author Notes:

EFlint Thursday, the 2nd of December at 6:00 PM, 2010 edit delete
Obviously, if Cade was on this page we would make a joke about these guy. Speaking of, I based Teufel's mask on Akumetsu, one of my favorite manga. If you like violent political stories, give Akumetsu a read.


greenimp Thursday, the 2nd of December at 11:17 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
Mysteriously masked stranger get's ALLLLL the ladies with his super attractive croc/bat mouth.
comichero Friday, the 3rd of December at 11:17 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
one of the creeds i govren my life by is never piss off the guy with the creepy mask or old people you never no they may be gods or powerful sorcerer in disguise and besides old people kinda rock coolest old dude i've ever had the pleasure to meet and work for is george he was the tail gunner on the aplne that droped the atomic bomb on Nagisaki i also believe hes the one that took the pictures and or movie of it coolest summer job ever getting to talk to him and hear his stories
Holden Saturday, the 4th of December at 8:46 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
Is Teufel one of the draco type or mamal type?
Guest Monday, the 6th of December at 9:50 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
When threatening to hang someone, you have him "hanged", not "hung". Sorry to play the part of grammar police today. Just saying.
EFlint Monday, the 6th of December at 2:40 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
If you check the wiki, Teufel’s is identified as a “???”. As for the hung/hanged, We used the word for a few reasons, the first being conversational I like how hung reads over hanged. And as far as Tera is concerned when she gives an order it’s as good as done so most things are past tense with her, and they’re both past tense. But more importantly, grammatically, people are hanged and things or objects are hung, thus We were trying to subtly imply that Tera didn’t see the offender as a person, but a thing. My bad, I forgot that word play doesn’t really work without the vocal inflection. Also in oldie days people said learnt instead of learned, so English is fucked up.
comichero Tuesday, the 7th of December at 8:07 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
@ EFlint "That guy was hung for treason" ( past tense) "Tomarrow you'll be hung for treason" (active verb), but im suer we are all guitly of diassocateing with dead people cuz if we see them as people instead of an oject it forces us to go to a place that few of us want to be let alone see as most humans are terrified of death and anything dealing with death, but your quite right english is very messed up of all the spoken languages it is the most difficult to learn cuz of all the double meanign words like lead and lead, "i'll lead you to victory", "man this bar of lead is heavy" or the words that sound the same yet are spelt diffrent two, to and too elnglish is a mess of a language
mirlinthloth Wednesday, the 8th of December at 2:08 AM, 2010 edit delete reply
@comichero, in the particular case this sentence is being used, as past tense. Have Him Hung indicates in her mind the deed has been done.
As the writer I have to weigh what sounds right with correct grammar. And in the case of these two we go with form over function. I mean who really says "Hold, my hounds have yet to be fed." Most of us would say "Wait, my hounds are still hungry, or something like that."
Does that make sense?
greenimp Wednesday, the 8th of December at 1:43 PM, 2010 edit delete reply
@Comichero: In defense of the English language's insanity; What other people have been so constantly invaded? Every invader, mark you, leaving behind a big chunk of their native tongue.
Skykitsune Tuesday, the 11th of January at 11:43 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
I'd say it does Mirlinthloth. And your selection fits the page well!
cjm3rcl1n3 Saturday, the 10th of December at 11:51 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
1.) Who's the hottie?
2.) Who's the creepy guy with the mask? (cool mask, btw)
SotiCoto Friday, the 4th of April at 3:40 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
I like Akumetsu too. Awesome manga... despite the excessive repetition of certain frames, but still...

... This guy's mask certainly looks unusual, but it doesn't look too much like the Akumetsu mask, at least.