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mirlinthloth writes:

“I'm here to be paid for the pact that was made”


I'm really bad about updating Blogs. I wasn't good at it when I had a livejournal, or a myspace and I'm poor about my personal Facebook and Twitter. So this sort of gets forgotten.


I have nothing important to say. So I'll say nothing important at all. The beginning of next year I'll be in Hunstville Alabama, so same rule applies if you want to get together while I'm in town let me know.


Now on to unimportant things. I have purchased a Kindle Fire for the purpose of reading on planes and I'm happy with the product so far. It browses the internet and plays youtube and connects to my facebook and I can get a slew of books on the kindle. My only complaint, and this is more of a mind boggle than complaint, is why the books are so expensive. I purchased The Heir to the Empire series for the kindle and each of the books were the cost of the paper back. Why would a digital version be 8 or 9 dollars when you don't have to bother paying to ship it and build it? Granted this is via amazon and they're in the business of making money, but my curosity got the better of me and I went to look at the prices of books. I saw a few ebooks that were well into the thousands of dollars. What are publishers thinking charging so much for books? It's not like they'll be a limited run classic or they're out of print books. There seems to be very little reason for their price. But I found a slew of free books too.


Also in other notes its become the worst/happiest time of the year. Personally I don't like this time of year, people seem far to fake to me at this point, but I know I'm different from everyone else. But my favorite part of this time of year is Carol of the Bells. For those who aren't in the know about this, I'm obsessive about this song, I have somewhere near 60 versions of this song. I'm always on the lookout for new versions. I use it as a scale to compare how well someone can sing or play, like I said obsessive, and it's probably my favorite song. So if anyone has a version of the song they want to share I'd be happy to hear it. Just get me the name/artist and album and I'll take it for a spin. The person who gets me the most versions of these songs we'll give you a special holiday print signed by the artist and myself.  The deadline will be December 24th.


Now on that note, every year we do an x-mas strip and we try and portray major religions, but in my ignorance I'm not sure how to say happy holidays to our Islamic fans. If anyone would care to help us out by telling us a symbol we can work into future x-mas strips. I know we can put the Jewish Hanuckiah on the tree, the tree is an almost universal christian symbol for this year but I would like to hear from those in the Islamic faith what can be tastefully added so we can wish you a happy holiday. Not because we need to but because I want to.


Until next time,

J.E. Flint