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mirlinthloth writes:

“Moving into the universe and she's drifting this way and that.”


I'm bad about Blogs, I've always been bad about blogging. Not because I don't have things to say, but simply because most of what I would be talking about pertains to how I write, think and process information. But I've made an exception for this post because NANOWRIMO is coming up on Tuesday (Nov 1st).

Like most author's I like to keep all my works somewhere so I can go back and reread them. No matter how painful they are. And when I was going through my files I found two of my stories that have become hugely popular TV shows. One of which everyone knowns to be Danny Phantom, the other two is Birdy the Mighty, and Stan Lee's Mosaic.

Now when I say that my stories have become popular stories what I mean to say is that I wrote the same ideas, with variations, years before they came out. I'm sure this has happened to every writer at some point. It happens to Eric(The Artist) with Gaming Companies. He'll make a suggestion for our games and months later the books have reflected almost word for word what he's implemented in our table top games. Comon theory is that 1,000 monkeys banging on a keyboard might produce Shakespear. I think on a certain level all humans share a certain connection to one another. This connection is in constant flux, remember this is just what I think and I have no facts to back this up, so sometimes you get items that come out in the space of a few days/weeks. E.G. Whoop there it is Vs. Whoomp There It Is. Or you get stuff like mine where someone had the idea and got around to writing and publishing it before I did.

Now, the reason I bring this up is because I do a serious chunk of writing around this time of year. The Idea behind NANOWRIMO for those who don't know, is that you write 50,000 words or so in the month of novemeber. You don't look back, you don't stop. You just keep driving for the finish. There are whole groups on Facebook and Twitter and every other corner of the net dedicated to this. Normally when I do NANOWRIMO I'm solo, I don't talk to others and I don't partcipate in the grouping. It doesn't make much sense to in my mind. I'm cheating this year though. About five years ago I wrote a SCI-Fi novel about an alien coming to earth to study humanity. I'm basically rewriting this. As it was so long ago reading this is painful. I need to go through and rewrite ALL my work from 10+ years ago. Back when I was a fresh snot nosed punk thinking that everything I did was great.

Don't get me wrong, I have my strengths and my weaknesses when it comes to writing. I'm a fast typist and I've a great realm of information and I spend more time studying than I do goofing off here on the internet, but I started writing when I was in fourth grade and they were the stories of children. When I was in highschool they were the stories of a Teen, I distinctly remember one story where there was 6 parties in five different chapters, and now as an Adult I try to write stories for the largest markets. Namely female readers, as they buy more books than men do, and mid to late teens to early thirties. That's a huge swath of the market and it's hard to hit the nail on the head. Not everyone likes Sci-Fi or Fantasy stories. I've tried writing Urban Fantasy, multiple times, and flashes of Buffy, Angel and Twilight always flash in my head when I write them. There are good Urban Fantasy stories I'm sure, but if so they've not made a lasting impact or taken the bile from my mouth. I've tried reading American Gods, but Neil will have to contend with I hate his "Endless" comic series slapping me in the face whenever I read anything by him.

I've often times been told to write what I know. I know True Crime. I LOVE reading about serial killers, rapists and psycho's. About bank robbers, hit men and the mob bosses who hired them. But unless you want to do a bunch of detective novels there's not a lot of room to grow with those. So I write what I know even better. I'm a geek and a nerd, so I write about outsiders looking into the world and trying to describe the world in their terms. My latest teen novel, True Blue Alien, is about a female alien who has to understand the world around her. And my writers group got nothing but laughs out of it. Who knew my dry wit would actually make people laugh? The story wasn't meant to be funny but it is.

So, now that NANOWRIMO's here. I'm going to be creatively busy, trying to cram 60,000 words into a month's writing. Wish me luck. If anyone else is in NANOWRIMO let me know, I'm going to be looking for groups to post my progress this year. Last year I wrote a time travel story that well... Primer seemed less confusing, so I deleted that one. My goal this year is to rewrite/update my Earth, From an Alien View Point and possibly leave room for a sequel. But this is also one of the more ambitious projects I've set aside for myself. I hope to tackle the image of gender, sexuality and friendship in this novel. I don't know if this one will really be teen friendly. They say to write on an 8th grade level because that appeals to the widest vocabulary level but does that mean the same as far as content is concerned? Hard to say, but I'm not going to look back. I've been literally chopping at the bit to write this, even writing for Loth and the other projects I have in the work haven't slackened the urge to write this.

I still don't have much to say, hence why the blog kinda rambled, but I felt bad that we kept this post up there for so long.

Till Next Time,