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mirlinthloth writes:

“Are you falling down drunk or fallin' down tryin'?”


Well the converstation's come up a few times between fans and the like. Why don't we do more to engage the fans and encourage them to come back throughout the week? Frankly like all things it's time. The artist and I have student loan bills, auto bills and the other bills that come with living in a world where money matters. My ultimate goal is to have the Eric updating three times a week at the very least. Monday and Friday would be Chronicles of Loth, and Weds would be like a humor strip or something. Humor's not my forte. I won't lie, it took me 9 chapters in a book to get to a punch line I'd set up on the first page. So I'd have to have Eric for that.

It was also our hope that people would start using our Forums for more stuff such as Converstations, posting fan art, running their own Role Playing Adventures and the like. Then there's the fan made stories/characters that I hoped to see. I like the fan community around Star Wars, where a bunch of beautifal and vibriant characters, settings and ideas were embraced by the fandom as truth. Like that Grand Admirial Thrawn was a bad ass or that Boba Fett wasn't a clone of Jango Fett and instead was a slave who worked his way up to be the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. I don't want to be like Lucas where I come in and wave my magic wand and make all the fan content null and void. I know at some point someone's going to come along and do something where I just say "Nope, not on my watch." I know the artist doesn't want anyone to get the idea we'll pay anyone for their work, because frankly we can't.

This comic makes enough money to pay for advertistements, the donation wallpapers are great but let's not kid anyone here. They're no where near the amount our artist would need to make The Chronicles of Loth a full time job. That is his ultimate goal. To make comics his full time job. It's my hope that eventually the comic takes off to the point where we have an entire staff so that I can tell my other stories with other artists, and we'll have IT people to maintain our servers and our web pages, and accountants and HR and just make this an actual legit company where I can employ people with the same heart and dreams I have.

So that said, you wanna help us out? I'll recap.

We need fans. You can check that off.

We need the incentives to make fans like us. Empty Check Box.

We need Time. Another Empty Check Box.

We need a crackshot team of slaves unpaid interns at our beck and call. Empty Checkbox.

We need more feedback from fans on our creative ventures. Shaded Check Box.

We need IT guys for our webpage. Empty Check Box.

Patiences (Both Fan and Ours). Shaded Check Box

Celeberty Endorsements. Empty Check Box

Sorry this blog post was rather spur of the moment and not well plotted out, I'll do better next time.

Till Next Time