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mirlinthloth writes:

“And I wake up in the warm sunlight”


Howdy folks!

Well it looks like Kinuko's in for a tough spot, I mean need way say more about the tenticle "demon" and the asian girl? I think not.

We've just introduced a new cast member and we have another along the way in a few chapters so I hope everyon can't wait to see whose next to be added to the cast. It takes a lot of work to get all the characters together in a someway believable manner. Loth and the main cast were easy to put together but the last people require a bit more style to place in the group. I frankly can't wait to add them all together.

On an aside, I've always had problems bullshitting my way through a few paragraphs of a blog update. Simply because I want to keep these about the comic and what we're doing, but there are a number of times I just want to rant about politics. It's no secret both the artist and I love politics and the way they work. We devoted an entire chapter to them, and honestly if this series were to be turned into a cartoon I'd probably flash back to Saphael and Faroth a lot just to make points about politics and greed. I promise I'm not going to rant about this but I often wonder how many of the people in our lives can be so helplessly fooled by the media and what the politicans say. I always have a problem when I start citing things and the other person's face just goes blank.

Anyway... no ranting, keep it comic related.

So what's everyone think of the donation pages? Anyone specifically you want to see let us know on the comic or at the artist's Deviant Art Page. Of course you can also find me on Deviant Art and Fur Affinity, though to be honest my Deviant Art page is mostly just junk and comissions I'm doing for the Chronicles of Loth. The wait is what kills me, I want all of you to see what I have in my head but it takes time to tell the story. Why haven't one of you come up with a brain-o-matic helmet like Professor Elmental?

Anyway, feel free to contact me and talk or make suggestions. I try to be easily accessible for you guys. Mirlinthloth will find me on just about most chat programs, and the fact I'm always online for my work doesn't hurt your chances to shout and get an idea heard. I seriously listen and talk to any and all fans I can.

Until next time,