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mirlinthloth writes:

“The Chase of Time”


Howdy folks,

We're back from Anime Cross Roads and man was it fun. We got to hang out with some totally awesome artists at the con. To be honest we weren't sure what to expect the entire time we were there. The layout was such that anyone who wanted to go to the vendor's could simply by pass the artists completely and the artists booths were set so that we all were staring at one another across maybe five feet of space. The aisles were really tight and it limited flow of traffic, but we made the best of it.

We made some fans at the convention, so mission accomplished, we made friends, bonus, and we ate a ton of fast food... not quiet a bonus but it's nice to not have to cook once in a while. So anyway, I'm sure you guys are interested to know the deets of the convention and I am willing to share my experinces.

We got there early on friday to set up our booth and we felt pretty good to be sitting next to some friends in the form of Syra Courage and HanaNoUnmei, they were friends of the artist from back in college. And we made friends with the duo of Dream Gear Studios and Bandi Studios over the course of Sat & Sun. Since we were all on the backside of the artist alley. Jeff's booth was amazing to stare at for the hours we were there and inbetween the streams of customers we made jokes, shared gum and even learned. It was truly an after school special moment. We didn't take many pictures because we stayed at our table for the most part. We also gave away some free fan art to those who were brave enough to travel to our booth and request it. And we handed out a bunch of business cards with our comic name on it.

HanaNoUnmei was so kind as to provide us with fan art of Mirlinth herself, and it looks amazing. As soon as the artist gets a chance we'll scan it and put it up in the new Fan Art section we're going to create. We're starting to get it, so why shouldn't we display it for you guys to enjoy as well?

This weekend made us appreciate the fun of being surrounded by convention goers. Normally we're just in the thrown and press of bodies but this time it was nice to sit back and watch and let folks come to us. We're debating on going to Conneticon in July, it's a large web comic convention. If we do go we'll be more than ready. We were a little unprepared for just how serious the other artists came. They all came with their A game and we were the rookies just starting out. One gal next to Jeff (Dream Gear Studios) offered Free Cupcakes! Free, though I did not have any, I am told they were delicious and that the main ingredient in them was Love. But I'm sure joy and cuteness were in there somewhere, since they had all sorts of things to decorate those cakes. They even were clever enough to put a "The Cake Is Not A Lie" sign up. How can people not enjoy a portal reference AND tiny cakes at the same time? Syra Courage and HanaNoUnmei graced us with music and a truly bad ass painting of a giant Oct Rock from Windwaker. Had I the money I would surely have forced her to part with that work, but alas I did not. This link does not do it justice, but imagine if you will this hanging on your wall.

So what have we learned? Video Montior good, music good, cup cakes good, and the writer doesn't have much to offer at an artist booth. Sure I got to chat it up with anyone who came to close to the table, but what shall I render for them? Fine Prose of how their hair shines in the moonlight and their teeth sparkle like diamonds? My poetry is as rotten as my fashion sense, thankfully I just have to smile, say Howdy and I scare them from my table.

But we're looking forward to getting back to working on the comic, this weekend really made us appreciate how great the fans are and how fun it can be to hang with you.

That's all I have for today, I shall return Friday.

Yours Truly,