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mirlinthloth writes:

“Performance Armour”


Greetings again,

The author here to inform you of a brand new link on the links page. I've always been close to the guys who work at Performance Armour here in Indiana. They live right down the road from me and I've been in the smithy a time or two. I've seen the quality of work they do and one of my best friends works there part time working upon leather armor and generally turning dully pieces of armor into mirror smooth and shiny surfaces.

However that is not the primary purpose of this post. This post is to inform my loyal fans that I am setting up a deal with them to create real authetntic weapons and armor from this comic. And I do mean authentic. The weapons can and will cut through practically anything, these guys do work for the SCA so they only use the best materials and make sure that they are only of the highest quality.

What this essentially means is because the products they will be producing are of an exceptional quality there will be a limited window and amount created. These are going to be hand forged by craftsmen who earn a living creating authentic pieces. Have I mentioned it's authentic enough? More details to follow but they will be primarily in charge of the large special limited edition items.

There will be a store at some point which will offer T-shirts, mugs, hopefully plushies. I'm also hoping to figure out a means of creating letter openers for weapons as well as finding a cheap means of creating necklaces and rings. Every web comic worth its salt seems to have a link to a page where you can purchase a t-shirt or a mug from the comic. I personally can't see just selling T-shirts and mugs and mouse pads. I collect armor, plushies, hats and toys. I'd love to see any manner of the like at some of my favorite comics, ie the stuff on my links page, but you have to take what you're given.

So to bring this post to a close would you my loyal fans be interested in a web comic store? And further if you are in favor of said Web Comic Store what would you like to see populated in the store? In response to this the Artist and I shall provide coupons to anyone who sends an email to my personal account. Naturally when said store is open we will send a coupon.

You can email me at Email Loth. This email is exclusively for the online web comic and anything that is sent there will be responded to in a timely manner.

Yours Truly,

J. E. Flint